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Artistic expression is a continuum, where each era builds upon the foundation laid by those who came before. By showcasing the evolution of art, we celebrate the journey of creativity across time.

This Accelerate Art series of exhibits, sponsored by Metacampus, invites visitors to explore how emerging digital artists interpret and extend the legacy of their predecessors, underscoring the ever-changing nature of artistic expression.

CONTINUUM not only enriches the artistic landscape but also aims to foster a dynamic environment by:

✓ Celebrating artistic legacy

✓ Bridging generations

✓ Inspiring creativity

✓ Enhancing art education

✓ Engaging art enthusiasts

✓ Preserving cultural heritage

✓ Stimulating artistic dialogue

Through CONTINUUM we aim to benefit legendary artists’ legacy, emerging artists’ careers and the broader cultural and artistic landscape.

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The first edition of CONTINUUM took place during GM Barcelona! from September 27-29, 2023.


The digital art exhibit showcased a selection of 20 curated pieces from artists who were given the task of creating an original piece inspired by the life and work of Salvador Dalí.


Encouraging diversity in interpretations while maintaining a connection to the original artist is a crucial aspect of the exhibit concept. This approach ensures that the new artworks created by emerging artists both pay homage to the legendary artist and also reflect the individuality and creativity of each participant.


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Claire is an anonymous AI collaborative artist whose work explores themes of innocence, trauma, the hero’s journey and how are view of them will change in an increasingly transhumanistic future.

Claire’s art can be found in the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, has been at Sotheby’s London and Christie’s New York and has been exhibited in galleries, museums and festivals all over the world.

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Oliver is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, curator, and co-director and archivist of his grandfather’s estate, photographer Philippe Halsman. He has been minting AI work on-chain since 2020, and exploring the intersection of art and technology for the past 20 years.


His work has been reviewed in the NY Times, and Parkett, and exhibited internationally. With one foot in the world of creativity and technology, and the other foot in the world of analog estate preservation, he enjoys finding solutions that honor the genius past by utilizing the exciting possibilities of the future.

Selecting the right mix of artworks is essential to capturing a wide range of perspectives and styles that pay true homage to Salvador Dalí.

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