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What we do

We aim to enable emerging artists to overcome the challenges they face by expanding access to opportunities, navigating the complexities of new technologies, and amplifying underrepresented voices in the art world and Web3.  




Community Building

Creating an inclusive global community that connects artists, collectors, and builders


Encouraging cooperation and knowledge-sharing among members and promoting a culture of collaboration and mutual support



Educational Opportunities
and Grants

Enabling workshops, tutorials, and resources on NFTs and web3 technology to address the knowledge gap and reduce barriers to entry


Providing tailored mentorship programs and grants for emerging artists



Exhibit Opportunities

Producing virtual and physical gallery exhibitions featuring emerging artists


Partnering with galleries, art institutions, platforms, and collectors to leverage the power of NFTs and help emerging artists access a global audience


“Artist and art fans alike should check out @accelerateart founded by Claire Silver and Ben Roy and a team of crypto natives with a deep passion for supporting artists. They curated a beautiful, diverse gallery at NFT NYC. Seeing work by a photographer I've collected was priceless."


"I’d like to express what an honor it is to be featured with an incredibly talented, diverse group of artists…my gratitude and joy to everyone involved with this piece’s journey, as well as for helping me experience yet another 'first' as an artist."


"Wow, just a magic time on a beautiful space, thank you so much…"
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